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The V4200-9 is a versatile 9-port device. Depending on the plug-in cards selected, this unit can be configured as
  • a CSU/DSU with drop and insert and voice capabilities,
  • a 4 E1 to 5 T1 converter or fractions of them,
  • a digital cross-connect system (DACS),
  • sets of ICSU combined in one box,
  • a channel bank.
As a CSU/DSU, data from the V.35 or X.21 port can occupy any fraction of an E1 or T1 port. As an E1 to T1 converter, A to mu-law coding and signaling conversions are correctly handled. For both E1 and T1 ports, continuous error checking, performance polling, and in-service diagnostics are provided. In any of the above combinations, full time slot interchange (TSI) among the ports are possible, making the V4200-9 a small DACS (digital access cross-connect system). The ports can further be used in pairs as ICSUs (intelligent CSU) at the lower cost and smaller space than individual ICSUs. The V4200 can also be configured as a channel bank.
The V4200-9 supports the local control and diagnostics by using a 2-line, 40-character LCD display and keypads on the front panel, or by using a VT-100 terminal connected to the console port. The Loop-V4200-9 also supports Ethernet, Telnet, and SNMP, so it can be controlled and diagnosed from remote locations. This device supports in-band management, where management data are carried the same way as user data, traversing national networks.
In addition to the LCD display, 12 multicolor LEDs provide status indications for power, test conditions, alarms, and each of the 9 ports. The internal firmware is stored in the flash memory so that the future software upgrades can be downloaded.




  • 9 hot plug-in capable slots
  • Available interface cards:
    • T1, E1
    • V.35, EIA530, RS232, and X.21
    • QFXS, QFXO, PLAR, and E&M
    • G.SHDSL
    • T1/ E1 ATM Frame Relay
    • Router with Subnet management (SNMC)
    • G.703 (co-directional)
    • Terminal Server
    • Fiber Optical
    • OCU-DP
  • Usable as
    • CSU/DSU
    • E1 to T1 converter
    • Multiple CSUs
    • DACS
  • Full TSI capability among all slots in the main unit
  • Remote diagnostic capabilities
  • 2-line, 40-character LCD display for maintenance, performance monitoring, and administration
  • Management through Console port, Ethernet port, and SNMP agents
  • In-band Subnet Management facility for remote management through national networks
  • LED indicators for power, tests, alarms, and each of 9 ports
  • Field changeable AC power supply, or dual feed dual DC power supply
  • Software field upgradeable through download.
  • Optional GUI NMS with LoopView
  • Multicasting, broadcasting, and backup





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