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FAST CONNECTORS:  SC/PC , SC/APC                                                       



Field-installable connectors (fast connectors) are factory pre-polished connectors that completely eliminate the need for hand polishing in the field. Proven mechanical splice technology ensuring precision fiber alignment, a factory pre-cleaved fiber stub and a proprietary index-matching gel combine to offer an immediate low loss termination to either single-mode or multimode optical fibers.






  • Premise environments
  • Connections at the desk for LAN environments
  • Patch panels
  • Direct equipment termination
  • Fiber to the Subscriber (FTTx) applications
  • Repair and replacement requirements
  • Equipment test leads








  • Insert loss <0.5db (typical 0.3db)
  • Return loss ≤-45dB
  • Connector Type SC/PC,SC/APC
  • Operation time ≤90s
  • Cable diameter 3.0mm, 2×3.1mm
  • Fiber Type SM
  • Reuseability from 3 to 5 tmes
  • Operation temperature -40~+85℃




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